Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Anger and the Atheist

I recently was referred to this post by Greta Christina today, and felt I should link to it through my blog. It deals with atheist anger: why she has it, and why it's a good thing. She brings up many good points and there are great comments following the post.

Greta appears to be a good writer, and I will be visiting her blog more often to see what else she has to say. Give it a read, it is well-written and worth the time.


tina said...

Been there, pretty good.

Harry Nads said...

Tina, welcome to my blog. :)

Tattooed & Atheist (T&A) said...

I posted a reference link to it as well! What a great post! The more people who read it the better!

Harry Nads said...


Welcome! :)